We’re here to help

If you believe you or your family member would benefit from having some support at home, the best way forward is for us to come and meet you at your home for a care consultation.

This is where we can discuss your needs and the type of support you are looking for as well as discover what type of caregiver would best suit you. Please use the form below to request a consultation with Serenity Elderly Care.

Home care that is made just for you

We believe that as people reach old age the care they receive should enhance their lives and improve quality of life. Our highly-trained caregivers know that the priority is the person, not the timesheet, not the tick list. This means that our ways of providing care can sometimes be slightly more expensive to provide. For example, making sure whenever possible the same person provides care to your loved one every time.

We start with the needs of the person requiring support or care. This is why you won’t find any packages or prices on our website. It’s not that we are not proud of the value for money we bring to you, it’s simply that we always develop a tailor-made care package around the needs of the individual. Having home care maybe almost a third cheaper than going into a residential care home.

We pride ourselves on the personal touch and the attention to the individual. Unfortunately, not all care companies are the same. When you are comparing the costs of care, you might want to look at whether the other company is:

  • Making sure that it is the same person delivering care to your loved one each day.
  • That the caregivers they employ are properly trained for the care being provided.
  • That the carers can communicate easily and clearly with your loved one.
  • If they are paying their carers for all the time they are at work, including travel time.
  • Are they incentivizing carers to be fast rather than be good at care?
  • That they ensure wellbeing is the priority over functional tick lists.

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