Respite and Care for Support Systems

Serenity Elderly Care is here to support you and want the time spent with your loved ones to be quality time. We are there so that all the responsibility is not left to you alone but with specific at-home assistance.

What is respite care for families?

  • Most elderly people simply want to have conversations and company, whether they live alone or with familiar people. Those who have recently lost a loved one and are finding it hard to adjust might just need someone to keep them company.
  • Our caregivers can assist with giving you a break, taking care of your loved one so that you can take the time out to take care of yourself. The wellbeing of families who care for the elderly is very important and should not be ignored. It can be very stressful.
  • Sometimes a little relief is needed to help a person to get back on their feet – for example, after a hospital stay, we can assist your loved ones with anything from an hour a day to live-in-care for a temporary amount of time.

 We can help you choose our tailored respite services, you will have peace of mind and regain your own independence knowing that essential things are being taken care of.