Companion Care

Serenity Elderly Care aims to help the elderly by providing companion care to live a fulfilling life in their own homes.

What is companionship care?

  • Most elderly people simply want to have conversations and company, whether they live alone or with familiar people. Those who have recently lost a loved one and are finding it hard to adjust might just need someone to keep them company.
  • Serenity Elderly Care strives to help with solutions to avoid loneliness that can have detrimental results in physical and mental health
  • We will give you a hand at doing the weekly shopping and being with you for your doctor’s appointment or an important social event. It is all about companionship
  • From healthy meals at home or going out occasionally to your favorite restaurant we will accommodate those needs.
  • Serenity is all about finding the perfect companion. Companion care is a fresh start to opening new possibilities and friendships enabling you to live well in your own unique way.

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, we will find the right caregiver to support you, whether it is an old hobby or a new passion you would like to start, we will match you with the correct person.